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"Leona Bella has changed my life! I went to so many facialists, including fancy places in Beverly Hills, and NO ONE has EVER been able to clear up my skin the way Leona has. If you’re looking for serious results, then you must go to Leona. Not only does she completely change your skin, but she never tries to up-sell you. A lot of other places I went to would always try to convince me I needed to buy some fancy product in order for my skin to get better, and none of it ever worked! Leona is truly the real deal!" 

Alisha Zalkin, Singer | Songwriter | Lead Singer of Sleep Machine


"I love the way Leona takes care of my skin, because it’s such a personal experience. My skin care regimen is designed for my skin care needs. I’m always getting compliments on my skin because of her expertise. I never have to wear makeup and she’s the reason why."

Lena Waithe, Writer | Producer | Actor



"Some years ago, the pimples I didn't get in my teens arrived as late-onset acne. While my dermatologist helped me cure it, the resultant hyperpigmentation was discomforting, especially when personal appearances became a vital part of my career. Sensing my anxiety, Leona empathized with my hang-ups and provided not just the best care, but educated me about proper skin care for men of color. My complexion improved right away, and so did my attitude around aesthetics, and for that, I'm so grateful." 

Danny Gardner, Novelist

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