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Leona has worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years, beginning her career as a makeup artist when she was 18-years-old. After seeing how makeup can make a person’s skin look flawless, she decided to delve deeper and discover how to leave the skin looking perfect without makeup. So she began extensive post-graduate studies – in Maui, Austin, Australia and here in Los Angeles – to become a licensed esthetician.​


Leona specializes in results-oriented skincare. Her passion for knowledge in the ever-changing skincare industry ensures that she stays informed of the latest technologies and cutting edge ingredients, which she then shares with her clients. Her goal is not only to treat, but also to educate her clients before, during and after treatments so that each experience is positive, informative and enjoyable.


Leona relies on referrals and glowing testimonials to bring her a passionate, skin savvy and loyal following. She is constantly looking for the best way to serve her clients, and you will always find a smile on her face to welcome you.

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